Loretta HOgan Rush

Judge Loretta Hogan Rush, Class of 1976

Judge Loretta Hogan Rush of Lafayette, IN, was selected as Supreme Court Judge in September for the State of Indiana. Governor Mitch Daniels swore in the second female judge on December 29, 2012, before his term as Governor ended.

She wore the black robe for the first time, standing beside of her husband of 31 years, Jim, and their four children. The ceremony was held in the Indiana State House with more than 300 people in attendance from Lafayette and Richmond.  Judge Rush’s duties will include hearing about 100 cases a year along with four other Judges.

After graduation from Indiana University in 1983, having begun her college work at Purdue, she returned to West Lafayette and opened a private practice in 1997. Her case work was with civil issues of family and children. She was chosen as a Tippecanoe Supreme Court judge in 1999 and has served in that capacity over juvenile court.

“A woman of towering character” is how Judge Rush is described by her colleagues. She commented after being sworn in that “I look forward to the day when a woman’s appointment to this court is unremarkable.” (Muncie Press)




































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