Tom Milligan

Tom Milligan, Distinguished Alumnus

Attorney Tom Milligan, Class of 1952,  has served the Richmond area nearly 54 years.  He was elected Wayne County chairman of the Republican party in 1972 and elected Indiana State Republican Chairman in February 1973 upon the recommendation of Governor Otis R. Bowen.  He became acquainted with Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald W. Reagan and George H.W. Bush as a member of the Republican National Committee.

Tom Milligan graduated from Purdue University in 1956 where he served as Editor-in-chief of the daily student newspaper, the Purdue Exponent.  He graduated from Yale Law School in 1959 and returned to Richmond to practice law with the firm of Brown, Reller, Mendenhall and Kleiznknecht.  He served as Richmond City Attorney under Mayor Roger Cornett from 1992 through 1995.

He credits his life-long interest in politics to his mother.  His father served as Wayne County Agriculture Extension Agent and by law was not allowed to participate in politics.  His parents instilled an interest in local issues in Tom and his three siblings, Louise Class of 1948, Robert Class of 1951, and his twin brother Richard Class of 1952.  He grew up on Peacock Road, attending Baxter Elementary and Dennis Junior High Schools.

He and his wife Claire Ann Coble, Class of 1953, have three children:  Michelle DeVaughn, Class of 1978 of Minneapolis, MN, Nancy Norton, Class of 1979, Lubbock TX, and Stuart Milligan, Class of 1983, Lakengren, OH.

Tom was honored as a Distinguished RHS Alumnus for his leadership in the capital campaign to assist the school board in converting Civic Hall Gymnasium into a Performing Arts Center.









































  380 Hub Etchison Parkway, Richmond, IN 47374

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