Dr. James Daggy, Class of 1940

Jim Daggy was born in 1923. His life has been in Richmond serving as a general practitioner, following in his father’s footsteps.

In high school, Jim served as junior and senior class president. He was on the tennis team and participated in drama club, where he says he learned public speaking skills and enjoyed costume and set design. He was in Hi-Y and had many friends. He enjoyed dancing.

He credits Mrs. Burbank, his sociology teacher, with teaching him the most useful things in his life. He enjoyed high school, his teachers and his friends, and applied himself to his studies.

He graduated and attended several different colleges including Purdue, Cincinnati University, the University of California, and finally got his degree from Earlham.

He finds that he did not encounter any major obstacles in his life and enjoyed his life with his wife AJ and his children.

He has served on the Boys and Girls Club board for 44 years. He has received many honors from that organization including Board member of the Year, Man and Boy Award, and the Bronze Keystone Award. His son Bruce is continuing his legacy at the Boys club today where Dr. Daggy and his wife volunteer.

He has headed his reunion committee as former class president and has served as dance instructor for the first two Platinum Proms, wanting to teach “the kids to dance like we used to dance”.

He has been a solid citizen of our community all his life.


























































  380 Hub Etchison Parkway, Richmond, IN 47374

 (765) 973-3338